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Form a bridge from your shoulders touching the floor and hold at the top, before slowly bringing your hips back down. I am a small girl and I am tight and it hurts if I try to put anything to big inside me. The vagina is self-lubricating, but it takes a little work and dedication to get the liquids flowing. For example, if you lie back on the bed and your girlfriend lies with her back along your chest, the sensation of her thighs will make it feel as if you are fully inserted. But discuss the pros and cons of vaginal estrogen treatment with your physician—especially if you have a history of breast cancer, since its safety in this population isn't yet clear. Send PDF Print.

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From the metaphors they use to describe it, it sounds like an infection or an inflammation.

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Get Real! I Feel Too Tight: Should I Use Painkillers During Sex?

And finally, don't feel alone. You might also try vaginal moisturizers, "the face cream for the vagina," Faubion says. But a combination of muscle relaxation, practicing body awareness with the help of a physiotherapist, consultations with a sexologist, or, perhaps the most drastic treatment, an operation. If you're not the kind of woman who regularly examines herself south of the border, you might not realize that, just like the rest of your body, your vagina is getting older. For some women, simply thinking about intercourse can start a cycle of tightness, pain, and avoidance of sex. Get the MNT newsletter. There was much more diversity than what I had imagined when I read about this in the media.

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