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Regardless of the product or scale of the production, the production of tofu essentially consists of. Ina report from the University of Kentuckyfinanced by Solaeconcluded that soy protein is correlated with significant decreases in serum cholesterol, low density lipoprotein, LDL"bad cholesterol" and triglyceride concentrations. A variety called hsan to hpu or hsan ta hpo in Shan regions is made from rice flour called hsan hmont or mont hmont and is white in color with the same consistency as yellow Burmese tofu when set. Although tartness is sometimes desired in dessert tofu, the acid used in flavoring is usually not the primary coagulant, since concentrations sufficiently high to induce coagulation negatively affect the flavor or texture of the resulting tofu. This tofu has a pale golden color that can be attributed to the addition of eggs and, occasionally, food coloring. In Malaysia, douhua is usually served warm with white or dark palm sugar syrup, or served cold with longans.

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Sundubu-jjigae spicy soft tofu stew.

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National Institute of Korean Language. It is widely eaten as breakfast, or tokwa a dry, fried variationwhich is a staple alternative to meat in main meals and in numerous regional dishes. The use and production of tofu were first limited to urban centres with influential Chinese minorities, such as Cebu or Tondobut quickly spread to even remote native villages and islands. The soybean protein consists of many different subunits which are sensitive to heat, pH and ionic strength and become unevenly distributed among soluble and particulate fractions due to hydrophilic and hydrophobic interaction because of the amino acid composition. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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